Iga Vandenhove / Graphic Designer, Documentary Maker, Artist

French, Polish and American
Born in 1989

Lives in Paris

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Since 2016, my work has revolved around the notion of perception. Through the memory process I aim to question the role our memories play in our comprehension of the present environment and our relation to others.

After studying graphic design, I wrote and directed my first short-movie documentary called "The Lords" focusing on the wait that teenage migrants have to endure before their status as a minor is determined by the french state. Intrigued by the vision they have of their environment, I imagined a project that would let them express more directly their sensations and feelings.

"Les madeleines sonores" is staged in a social context dealing with various factors such as globalisation, migratory flux...questioning the relationship people have with their environment and with other people.

I am open to all art mediums and I am currently seeking collaborations around this project.


Emma Broughton

Trait d'union

Les madeleines sonores documentary - "the lords" documentary - creative process

France Terre d'Asile

The article here

Les madeleines sonores - sound installation



CIFAP / Montreuil, France

«Writing and directing a documentary film» formation


2010 - 2011

EPSAA / Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Multimedia graphic design diploma


Andrei estudi / Barcelona, Spain

Internship in a graphic design studio

2008 -2009

Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant / Sèvres, France

Superior technician certificate of visual communication in graphic design, advertising and publishing, with distinction


Cleveland Institute of Art / Cleveland, USA

1st year in general Arts

2004 - 2007

Camille Claudel highschool / Vauréal, France

Art and design section, highschool diploma with distinction



Le Social Bar, Paris

Les madeleines sonores - happening/performance

08-09.07.2016 & 28-30.11.2016

Le Point Éphémère, Paris

Les madeleines sonores - sound installation


Migrations and arts festival / Café de la Presse, Paris

Les madeleines sonores - sound installation
The lords - short-film documentary


Emergent artists / Le Carreau, Cergy, France

Les madeleines sonores - sound installation


From 2015

Les madeleines sonores - sound installation


Migrants encampment carthography project in Paris / Integration of the sound installation «les madeleines sonores» into the cartography project initiated by migrant’s support groups and an artistic group. The cartography questions the non- welcome reception.
The lords - short-film documentary


The lords - short-film documentary about teenage immigrants during their waiting care procedure


Journey photo sound snap diary / Sound and photo project created during my travel to Ghana and Senegal, exploring the relation between sounds and images.